About Wren & Winnie

We are two very different sisters with a common love for beautiful clothes, practicality, and surprises in the mail. 

We wear a whole lot of proverbial hats and know that you do, too! Our goal is to provide our girlfriends with versatile clothing you can wear to the office, to chase your kids around the park, or to a dinner date.

We choose the comfiest fabrics and the most curve-flattering cuts so you can always feel as great as you look. (Nothing like having to adjust your britches every 10 minutes while trying to conquer the world, right?)

A lot of love is put into every order and we truly hope your Wren & Winnie apparel brings you a little bit of confidence and joy.

Fun fact: The real Ren (no W) and Winnie were born in the early 1900s. They were hard working entrepreneurs with tenacious spirits, 4 children, and lots of love. Their great grand-daughters, Melanie and McKenna, founded Wren and Winnie.